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It’s been a little while since I last posted so I thought a little catch up was called for. I am so happy it is finally Spring, all the beautiful trees are starting to bud & flower. The earth feels like it has been refreshed.


Ever since Chris & I bought our own place I have been obsessed with filling our home with plants. This gorgeous Hibiscus is one of my new plants. It flowered yesterday, isn’t it beautiful?


I also bought this beautiful Jasmine plant. The smell when it flowers is just divine.


No plant collection is complete without a little succulent. This one is from B&Q and came in the sweetest little pot.

I have lots of other plant babies too, including Cacti, Aloe Vera and a Bonsai Tree but I just didn’t have time to take pictures of them all.

Do you have many plants in your home?

Peace, Love & Light… Kate


6 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I have a few plants in this apartment from the previous owner, but they are harmful for the kitties so I need to keep them on the closed (not a usual opened balcony) balcony. But I’m trying out growing some herbs and I’m very excited ^.^

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