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Chemical Free Beauty



Recently I have become more & more concerned about my beauty regime, specifically with what chemicals I have putting onto my face & body. I have always been a firm believer in the ‘power of plants’ & have often opted for more plant based products over anything else in the stores.

Whilst reading the latest edition of Natural Health magazine, I came across a article which was very helpful regarding nasty irritants hiding in our beauty products.

It listed four main ingredients which are in a lot of well-known beauty products & placed them on a ‘Wall of Shame’.


So, here are the four main products that you need to watch out for;

Parabens – This product came as no surprise to me, I have consciously been trying to avoid this nasty for a while now. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that are used to extend a products shelf life. The word ‘synthetic’ is concerning for a start but parabens have been linked to increased skin ageing & some cancers, amongst other things.

Sulphates – This is another word that you may be familiar with. Sulphates are often found in shower gels & facial cleansers. They are used to produce a lather, but contain harsh chemicals that take oil from your skin causing dehydration.

Phthalates – This irritant is one that I am not so familiar with. They can be found in things such as paint or water bottles but in terms of beauty its lotion, hairspray or fragrance. These little buggers have been linked to cancer & fertility issues.

Formaldehyde – This is one I have heard of but I would always have referred to it as a poison. I had no idea it was used in beauty products. This toxic ingredient is a cause of irritation & cancer.


There you have it, a list of the four main things to avoid in your beauty products. Thankfully a lot of brands are now available which are totally free from all these nasty’s. There are a lot of natural health shops on the high street & online which use a lot of plant based products which are much better for your health & general well-being.


What are your opinions on beauty products? Do you already try to avoid these irritants?

Peace, love & light …. Kate x


5 thoughts on “Chemical Free Beauty

  1. Yes! I’ve noticed such a difference since I’ve been using sulphate and paraben-free hair products! Great article, thanks for sharing!


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