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Less Work More Me

Hi guys!

Since the holidays are now over & I am working less hours I have had more time to catch up on some Me time. I have spent some time catching up on all the little jobs around the house & also doing a little bit of shopping!

The thing I love most about having our own place is being able to buy exactly what I want & making the place our own.

wood leaf

I have been lucky enough to find some amazing pieces lately that really suit my style. These wooden leaves are just one example of this. I found them in Primark for only £2.50, how could I resist? They are so sweet & I am a sucker anything made of wood! Primark have really upped their game recently in the home stakes. They have some really beautiful things at amazing prices.


Here is another example of Primark’s interior loveliness. I bought these cushions a couple of weeks ago for the sofa in our office/guitar/chill out room. I especially love the Linen look one which was about £7.00. Of course, I couldn’t resist the Good Vibes Only cushion & it was a steal at only £5.00.


So sorry for the terrible lighting in this picture but I just had to share my new office space with you.  I promise to take a better picture soon & do a full room tour but this will have to do for now. I absolutely love this little space, it will be perfect for catching up on my blog. The desk is from Habitat & the chair is Ikea.


Obviously I had to have some candles for my new desk. The Young & Brave one is from Primark, it is so cute! I just had to buy this Yankee Candle one too, firstly I loved the picture on the front, also the scent of course, but the name, oh the name!

Now my desk is all set up & I have a little corner to blog in I am hoping to stick to a blogging schedule. I am also off work for a week next week which is just bliss!

I will have another room tour coming soon too so keep your eyes peeled guys!

I would love to know what you think of the new additions to my home….


Peace, Love & Light…… Kate x


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