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Aloha Readers! I have some brilliant news not only is my blog 1 year old today but I have also been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award by the lovely Kristi from Alligator Toe. I am a huge fan of Kriti’s blog already so it is a real honor to be nominated by her. If you haven’t checked out her blog already then you must. This lady has a truly wonderful style & makes some awesome handmade items. I am also always so jealous of her amazing vintage finds!

Here are the rules:

Link back to the person who nominated you.

Attach the icon to your site.

Answer the questions.

Nominate some other bloggers who you feel deserve this award.

Okay so here I go with the questions!

What is your favourite colour? I do have a few favourite colours & it usually depends on the which season it is. I love bright vibrant colours because they make me feel happy & remind me of summer. During the Winter I love the colour black because it looks so chic & suits the cold season. If I really have to choose I would probably say my most favourite is coral colours.

Your favourite animal? This one is really tough! I love animals & I often watch a lot of documentaries on them. I guess my favourite animal overall would be a Tiger. They are just so majestic & it saddens me so much when I hear about their declining numbers. I find it so hard to comprehend that anyone could hurt such a beautiful creature.

Your favourite non-alcoholic drink? This is easy-peasy for me! Either Dr Pepper or Cherry Juice & I am one happy lady!

Your favourite number? My favourite number has & always will be number 13. I have always liked weird things such as Halloween & the Addams Family so this number just ties in with my fascination for out of the ordinary things!

Your favourite day of the week? Saturday! Without a single doubt. It is one of the few times I get to see my Fiance with us both working so much & I am usually off work on Saturdays!

Your favourite flower? It is between Lillies & Sunflowers. White Lillies are so beautiful & serene. Sunflowers are just happy, happy flowers & cheer you up no matter what.

What is your passion? This really is a tough one. I would have to say fashion. I have always loved fashion & clothes. I think I inherited my love for it from my Nana. She has collected some wonderful clothes over the years including some beautiful coats my Grandad bought for her while he worked in London. She has taught me a lot about how to dress & to remember to always be yourself & express yourself with the clothes you wear. I also have a passion for all things creative. I love nothing more than creating new projects for myself to keep my mind active. I love making things.

Do you watch television? I can honestly say I don’t care much for television. If I do watch it will be documentaries on animals, UFO’s or space. I also love Sons of Anarchy!

Who is your favourite author?  James Patterson. His Michael Bennett novels keep me engrossed for hours!

Do you like 80’s movies? No! I love anything from the 30’s, or 40’s. Black & White movies are my favourite. I love anything by the Marx Brothers & I adore Margaret Rutherford.

What social issues bother you? Hmmm where to begin? A lot of social issues bother me but mostly racism. I can’t stand racist people I think they have such uneducated views. I honestly can’t understand why people dislike others just because of their colour or religion etc. There is good & bad in all people regardless of skin colour.

How do you like your eggs? A bit of a strange question haha! I like them fried but I don’t eat eggs often.

When did you discover blogging? My interest in blogging started a few years ago whilst doing a college project. It helped me to discover other people who love fashion as much as me.

Why do you like to blog? I love to blog because it is a way for me to let out my passion for fashion! It is a creative thing to do & as I mentioned before I love to be creative. It has helped me evolve my style so much & I am so thankful & happy that I am lucky enough to have such amazing followers! Thank you all so much!

Well that is the questions over so now it is time for my nominations!

Alligator Toe

Past the Mission

Our Daily Dress

As Time Goes Buy

Reverse Commuter

I love green inspiration

Thanks for reading guys! Thank you so much to Kristi for nominating me!


10 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award

  1. I love sons of arnarchy too! I can’t wait till jacks finds out it was his darn mother who leaked about Tara!!! hehehe it’s always nice to read about the bloggers behind their blogs 🙂 congrats on being nominated ehehe

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