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Love, Love, Love

Top Embellished

I completely adore this Geo Bead Embellished Cami from Topshop. I love the black contrasting against the bright orange, such a beautiful top!


5 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love

    1. Wow thank you so much 🙂 I just checked it out & realised I don’t know your name for when I link back to you, I don’t want to just refer to you as ‘the lovely lady from alligator’ even though you are one lovely lady 🙂 Thanks again

      1. Hahahaha that’s funny because I was just thinking today that I don’t use my name often on my blog and I thought it was kinda weird, but then I was like, oh well, if anyone really wants to know, it’s on my About Me page haha!

      2. It is weird how I feel like I know some bloggers so well since I read their blogs so often & yet I don’t always know their names! Well now I know yours & I shall never forget 🙂

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