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Hip Hip Hooray My Blog is 1 Today!


Black Dress; Topshop, Leather Jacket; Topshop
Tiger Print Scarf; Miss Selfridge, Faux Fur Bag; H&M

Aloha! Wow I can’t believe it is 1 year ago that I signed up to WordPress. What a year it has been! I feel like so much has changed & that I have changed as a person. My love of fashion has grown & I have loved sharing my passion with you all. I love nothing more than looking at all your wonderful blogs & getting ideas of new styles & trends. 288 followers & counting! I really can’t believe it, it seems so strange to me that anyone would be interested in my style but 30,000 blog views later & here I am.

I am truly thankful to my regular readers, I love you all so much. You influence me & my blog so much & I am blessed with some wonderful fashionista followers!

I feel like my style has evolved so much since I started this blog. It has encouraged me to be really true to myself & my own personal style. I have been a lot more daring & inventive with my fashion choices since Into the Stratosphere began. I love sharing my passion with you & I am so grateful that you spend some of your time reading my little old blog!

I feel like I have learned so much about myself since a year ago, I hope that makes sense! I think I have truly realised the importance of always being yourself regardless of what others think. My style reflects who I am & I love to be different.

My Nana has always told me never to follow the crowd, to always be my own person. I feel like I have finally understood her wise words & put them into practice!

I posted this outfit because it is something I was wearing almost a year ago (plus I was at work today!)

Thankfully I am off tomorrow & doing some shopping with my wonderful Fiance Chris.

Chris is always my biggest fan no matter what I do. What ever crazy project I come up with he always supports me & encourages me. He encouraged me from the moment I started Into the Stratosphere & he always reads & keeps up-to-date with my blog. I am really thankful to him for all his love & support! I have a wonderful life!

Last but certainly not least, thank you so much to YOU! You lovely, lovely people! I can’t thank you enough for all your likes, follows & comments over the past year. I truly appreciate all of your support!

Thank you so much!


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