Come Fly with Black


I have been super busy with work recently… I am so ready for some time off!

Anyway, here is some of what I have been up to since my last post.



We went to Manchester again to see a band and also visit the Christmas Markets. The mulled wine was so yummy and the perfect way to warm up.



I have been enjoying lots of hot chocolates this week. The weather has been so cold, it is snowing today! These yummy drinks are perfect for relaxing at home nice and cosy after work.



I have already been outfit planning for Fleetwood. I know the gig isn’t until June but I am super excited!!


This week also saw the final episode of Sons of Anarchy. All I can say is that the show has been amazing. The end was beautiful, yet heart breaking… Goodbye Jax Teller…..

Peace, Love & Light….. Kate x


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