I Have Always Been A Storm


Wow, November has been such a strange month. Losing my Nana was the hardest thing but since then I have had so much to take my mind of things.

Work is super busy and I have been to Manchester more times than I can count to see different bands.
I have nearly finished all my Christmas shopping which is super organised of me. I have also still been very up and down in terms of handling my IBS. I started some new tablets which seemed to help a lot at first but my stomach has been very upset this week!

I have also been telling anyone who will listen that I am going to see Fleetwood Mac in June. I am the happiest girl in the world, I will finally get to see Stevie Nicks!!

I think the one thing I have learned this month is that I am quite a strong person. I may be small and quite quiet but I am definitely not weak…. I got that from my Nana….

I hope you have all had a wonderful month? What have been your highs and lows?

Peace, love & light…. Kate x


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