Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

One thing I do suffer from is very dry lips. Carmex is my saviour & perfect for nourishing my parched lips but sometimes I need something a little extra. I tend to get a build up of dry skin on my lips which can look unsightly when applying lipstick or lip-gloss. I did a little research & decided to invest in a Lip scrub from Lush.


Yesterday I went into my local Lush in Middlesbrough & picked up this little tub for £5.50.


First of all, I love the packaging, simple but chic like all Lush products.


I also love the bright pink colour of this scrub.


The texture of the scrub feels very sugary but it smells delicious! I found it was a little messy to use at first, mostly because I put too much on my finger & it went all over the floor!

I soon found out that you only need a little bit & simply rub in your lips.


So, after rubbing this into my lips, they felt so soft & nourished. All the dead & dry skin vanished & my lips were so smooth. My lipsticks & lip-glosses now glide smoothly over my lips. I am no longer embarrassed by caking lipstick caused by dry skin.

The taste is delicious & is a pleasure to use. The scrub contains Jojoba Oil which instantly nourishes your lips & makes them feel super soft. I have also noticed my lipstick/gloss stays on much longer than usual after using this.

I was a little hesitant at paying £5.50 for a tiny pot but I am so glad I did. I really think it is worth the money & a little goes a long way.

The scrub is also available in Popcorn or Mint flavour if you are not so keen on Bubblegum!

If you would like to give it a try then you can find it here.

Have you tried a Lush Lip Scrub or would you try one now?




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