Superdrug Lotus Flower & Cherry Blossom Body Butter

As I was off work today I decided a short shopping trip was in order. I needed some more toiletries etc. so I headed for Superdrug. Whilst I was browsing I came across something I did not intend buying.


This lovely Lotus Flower & Cherry Blossom Body Butter was half price with various other Superdrug own brand products. Now, if you read this blog frequently you will know I love the smell of Cherry Blossom. L’Occitane Cherry Blossom products just cannot be beaten, but if you are on a budget this little gem is perfect.

It was on offer for £1.99 instead of £3,99 so I snapped one up.


The product is really thick & not watery which is never a good thing. I absolutely adore the smell of this body butter. It smells so fresh & not chemically at all. It is a pleasure to apply, really thick & luxurious. My skin felt so nourished when I used this after my shower.

I would say this is on par with The Body Shop Body Butters & it is a lot cheaper!

I really would recommend this gorgeous butter, who can resist at that price?

Have you used this body butter before or would you consider it now?



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