OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil

OPI Cuticle



Okay, so I am on a massive ‘stop spending’ mission at the moment. Whilst I have cut down on my clothing budget, the one thing I refuse to scrimp on it my beauty buys. When it comes to beauty purchases you really do ‘ get what you pay for’.

I am a girl who is obsessed with my nail polish, in fact I am rarely seen with out my nails painted. I use a lot of hand creams, L’Occitane being my go-to product every time! However, I have been neglecting my nails & in particular my cuticles.

I thought it was about time I put a stop to that & invested in some pamper treatments for my neglected nails. So, after a lot of research & review reading, I decided on the OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil. At £16.95 it is pricy but I am sure the 15 ml bottle will last a long time. ( I also just found this on Amazon for £9.50… damn!)

You simply need to massage one drop of this perfect potion into your nails & cuticles twice a day. Instantly my nails & cuticles feel nourished & the oil seems to sink right in. It has a slight smell to it but it is not offensive at all. I have only just started using it but so far I am impressed & will be buying it again!

So, if your nails are in need of a treat I would definitely recommend buying a bottle of this, from Amazon, not Boots, of course!


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