Find Yourself


Hi everyone! I am so pleased that I am keeping up-to-date with my blog once again. It feels so therapeutic & I feel like I have really got back into the swing of things. I lost a bit of my love for blogging during the Winter, with so much going on at work & my Nana being sick I just had a bit of ‘bloggers block’. Thankfully, I now have my vibe back & it feels wonderful. Summer is just around the corner, my holiday is not too far away & I am feeling good.


I just wanted to share this gorgeous Mexican Boho Blouse I am currently selling. I have never worn it & although I do love it I never seem to get a chance to wear it. It would best fit a UK size 6-8… I am looking for about £20-25 for it plus p&p. If you are interested please leave a comment & I will get back to you.

Have a wonderful day!


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