Sorry & Hello


Wow, hello everyone … it has been so long since my last post & for that I apoligise. I suppose life & work just got in the way. My Nana has been having some serious health issues lately & for the whole of December my time & mind was mostly taken up with that. Work has also been busy during November & December & finding time to post became impossible. In January I launched my own Big Cartel Store called Bohemian Dreamer!!

I am very excited about my store, I feel like it is a fresh start for me. I have been to eager to share it with you all but I wanted to wait until it was completed to show you all. It is almost complete, just a few adjustments to be made & I couldn’t be happier.


You can view my store here. I hope you will all be kind enough to take a look & give me some feedback. I have some really lovely items for sale at the moment & lots more coming soon.

Moon 3

Luna Pendant

Lana Ring

Lana Ring

Mini Pendant 3

Wanderlust Pendant

Lots of beautiful bohemian jewellery & gypsy gems…. I hope you all like my store & remember to leave me some comments.

If you would to contact me please do so bohemiandreamer@outlook.com

Thank you again for you patience & I promise this time I am back for good!

Have a wonderful day


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