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Dear Summer, I Miss You

Dip Dye 006

Dip Dye Maxi Dress; Bank, Shark Tooth Necklace; Market
Peace Bracelet; Miss Selfridge

Aloha! I miss the Summer so much, I am literally desperate for some sunny weather to head our way. I wore this gorgeous dip dye maxi dress last Summer, it seems forever ago. I can’t wait to pull it out & wear it for Summer 2014!

Another reason I am so excited about Summer is because I have some beautiful stock for Bohemian Dreamer. The Bohemian Dreamer Lace Cover Up is a particular favourite.

Cover Up

Lace Detail 3

It is simply adorable & has sold really well, I now have only 1 available. I can’t wait to wear my own (couldn’t help keeping one for myself) this Summer. It looks great as a cover up on the beach or worn over a pretty summer dress.

I hope you have all had a delightful day.


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