Outfit Post

Coral & Stripes


Coral Slouch Sweater; Topshop, Stripe Skirt; H&M

Aloha! I was working this afternoon & so I needed to keep my outfit pretty simple because  I would be changing into my uniform.

I teamed this simple coral sweater with a cute stripe skirt I bought from H&M. H&M are great for wardrobe staples such as this skirt. I bought some new ombre rings & a yellow bandeau from them today because my Mum was ordering some things. They were both so cheap, so it isn’t a cheat on my saving!

I also picked up some hiking boots at work today for only £6.40 once my discount was applied! Chris & I have decided to be a little more active (it is easy to get lazy when you have a car!) We are going to do a little walking in different places. Hopefully the weather will start & get a little better too!

I hope you have all had a nice day!
☯ ☮ ♥


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