Jeffrey Campbell Boho Wedges

Hello Lovelies! I hope you are sitting comfortably because I have a little story for you all. The story of the Jeffrey Campbell Wedges that I am sure were made just for me.

It all began a few weeks ago whilst shopping with Chris. We went into TK Maxx which is not a store I usually shop in. After strolling over to the shoe department I spotted some orange wedges with stripes on them – it was love! When I picked them up I discovered they were by Jeffrey Campbell & were on sale, down from £29.99 to £25.00. I slipped one on my foot & noticed it was slightly too small, I then looked at the size…..size 4 & I am a 5!! I was distraught & spent the next 10 minutes scouring the shelves with Chris desperate to find a size 5. I had no luck & so I decided I would just go ahead & buy them anyway since they were so cheap & only a teeny tiny bit small for me. Then I had second thoughts because I am trying to save & with the help of Chris I did the unthinkable – I walked away from the shoes I loved.

That night, I searched the internet to try & find them, I couldn’t & so I decided to day dream about them instead. I dreamed about all the outfits I would wear them with this SS13 – it was heart breaking for me!

So, back to the present day. Today I finished work at 2pm & something told me to go into TK Maxx. In I went, not really thinking about the shoes at all. I browsed through the bags & had a quick look at the scarves before arriving at the shoe section.

Then, BEHOLD, there they were, staring at me in all their hippie/boho glory. The shoes I longed for & needed in my life, the shoes I knew I would wear until they fell apart. I rushed over & they were still the size 4 I had left behind a few weeks ago. Then I noticed it – the price sticker had changed & they had been reduced to £10.00. That was it, I was on my way to the check out new wedges in hand.

Here they are!

Wedges 003

I love them, as you can tell. I love the colour, the style & the adorable stripe detail. Okay, so they are slightly too small but it is hardly noticeable & after walking around the house in them for a while they didn’t hurt me.

I can’t even remember the last time I bought heels (although I must have about 60 pairs!)

So there you have it, the story of the £10.00 Jeffrey Campbell Wedges!

What do you think?


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