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Top Picks: Topshop March 2013

I am sure I don’t need to preach to you all about how incredibly amazing Topshop is. This wonderful brand creates unique & on-trend pieces – there is something for everyone. I have heard a lot of people complain that the quality has gone down & the prices have gone up, I myself have never found that. Topshop has always been a little on the expensive side for the high street, it is not rare to pick up a tiny top & find £38.00 printed on the price tag! Even though some prices do seem a little on the high side at times, Topshop remains one of my most favourite brands. In fact almost my entire wardrobe is made up of Topshop pieces, with tons & from H&M too!

Here are my top picks that have arrived recently:

Topshop 1

Add a pop of colour to your look with these Topshop Cherry Leigh Skinny Jeans. These beautifully coloured jeans are the perfect way to work the colour block trend.

Topshop 2

Prepare for your summer holidays with this Topshop Pink Lurex Texture Bikini. A simply stunning pattern & the high waist pants are oh-so-retro!

Topshop 3

Swish & swirl your way into Spring with this Topshop Flower Calf Skirt. This pretty little skirt is bold yet subtle at the same time. Perfect for hot summer days.

Topshop 4

Be daring & opt for bright & bold prints with these Topshop Safari Floral Trousers. Not for the faint hearted, these unique trousers should be teamed with a bright plain top to avoid too much clashing!

Topshop 5

Update your basic go-to pieces with these Topshop Boutique Skinny Cashmere Vests. I remember these wonderful vests being released a few years ago, I snapped up a white, black & navy to up-date my basics. They are always my go-to pieces when I am unsure about how to style different items. Supersoft & a great price, they can be dressed up or down with ease!

Let me know which is your favourite piece & how would you style it?


6 thoughts on “Top Picks: Topshop March 2013

  1. OMG I love the bikini, the high waisted thing going on , so Katy Perry !! And my second fav would be the cherry jeans , the colour is so luscious , and best part , I can use it for winters 2013 too,which is a far cry but still .

    1. The colour of them is so pretty, have you tried different styles of jeans to see if you like them better? I am sureyou look lovely in anything you wear 🙂 x

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