Outfit Post

Cherry Scones


Berry Sweater; H&M, Skinny Jeans; Miss Selfridge
Leather Jacket; Miss Selfridge, Ombre Scarf; Matalan
Tassle Bag; Unbranded

Aloha! I worked a 9-4 today & my lovely mum had made me a cup of tea & cherry scone to eat when I arrived home – yum yum! I quickly got changed into some skinny jeans & a cosy sweater so I could go buy some pain relieving gel for my knee. I have had pain in my knee for a while now & it is gradually getting worse. I am not one to take tablets & I probably should go to the doctors but I will most likely battle on until I can’t bare it anymore!

I bought some Ibuprofen gel because I have a long day at work tomorrow, it is stocktake & we could be working 9am until 11:30pm or later! This means I won’t be able to blog tomorrow, sorry!

I also bought a nice little meal deal from Marks & Spencer so at least I will have nice food tomorrow!


I ohpe you have all had a wonderful day!
☯ ☮ ♥


6 thoughts on “Cherry Scones

  1. I’m wearing a comfy sweater right now…it’s too windy and long of a day not too! I hope you feel better (:


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