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Snow Bunnies


Bunny Dress; H&M, Cuff; Vintage

Aloha! It is snowing here in England today & I am certainly not a happy bunny! I am not fond of snow & it will be my first time driving in it so I am feeling a little apprehensive.

I have put on my bunny print dress from H&M because it is so comfy & warm plus it always looks stylish which is a bonus.


I am also wearing one of my vintage cuffs that I picked up at a vintage fair on Saturday!

Snow 004

I tried to capture a picture of the snow for you all – I failed. I am not the best photographer & the snow is just falling too fast!


I created my first collage post yesterday & it has seemed to attract lots of likes & attention which is great. I think I will definitely make it a regular feature.

I am going to work soon which sucks. I have enjoyed my week off so much which makes going back even harder. The snow is not helping either!

I hope you all have a great day!
☯ ☮ ♥


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