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Love, Love, Love

Leather Dress

How amazing is this lovely leather dress from H&M? It is a little on the expensive side & way over my budget right now but if you have some spare cash it is £79.99 & available here.


10 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love

      1. One of mine to! LOL! I have got to do a major update on my closet! When I gained all the weight through out my pregnancy, I thought why spend a lot on clothes that I don’t want to fit in for long. So, after I lose about 30 more pounds, I will start it back up!

    1. I guess if you save your money now you will be able to splash out & buy some lovely things when you lose the pregnancy weight 🙂 It is so hard to save though isn’t it? Temptation is everywhere lol

      1. That is a great idea! I had never even thought of that! LOL! It could be a BIG reward for loosing so much weight! But, it is very hard to save !

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