Clarins Eyeshadow

I have added to my ever-growing Clarins collection today with this Eyeshadow. I always wear white eyeshadow & I have ever since I can remember. I usually buy a No. 7 white eyeshadow from Boots but I thought I would invest a little & splash out! At first I tried a clinique white eye shadow which I loved but I wasn’t completely sold. So I strolled over to the Clarins counter to see what they could offer. The first white eyeshadow I spotted was a little too sparkly for me, I wanted something with a little less glitter!

The assistant came over to help me & I explained what I wanted. She took a look in the drawers & pulled out this Mono Long Lasting Eye Shadow Shade: White Marshmallow.

It was perfect for me!

White but not TOO white & not too sparkly. Really nice packaging too. I will let you know how good it is when I use it tomorrow.


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