Clarins Eau Ressourçante Collection

I seem to have become a massive Clarins fan almost over night. It all started when I tried a sample of their Skin Illusion foundation & fell in love. I went to the Clarins counter the same weekend & snapped up a full size bottle & the loose powder to match. I also got a free beauty bag full goodies which has made me fall in love with their cult Beauty Flash Balm.

When my work place started stocking some Clarins products a couple of weeks ago I was pretty interested but not sure about buying a set. However, after my new-found love for their products I decided to purchase their Eau Ressourçante Collection Gift Set which we stocked.

It camed in a cute set & I paid only £20.00 once I took off my staff discount.

The set contains:
Eau Ressourçante Rebalancing Fragrance 100ml
Silky-Smooth Body Cream 100ml
Bath and Shower Milk 50ml

At first I wasn’t so keen on the fragrance but the scent quickly grew on me & now I love it. It is very light, fresh & relaxing. It is perfect for spraying on after a shower or bath or just before you go to bed. I always have trouble sleeping & this has seemed to help me. It smells very ‘Clarins’ if that makes sense. It  makes me feel really relaxed & fresh. I think it is a set I will be buying again & again!


2 thoughts on “Clarins Eau Ressourçante Collection

  1. I have so many Clarins samples because the Macy’s near me has been doing a lot of promoting but I haven’t used their samples yet, I may start soon! thanks for posting this!

    1. You are welcome! Yes try all your samples, every Clarins product I have tried so far has been amazing & true to its word. The Beauty Flash Balm is incredible so be sure to try that if you got it included in your samples 🙂 Let me know if you try any cool stuff I haven’t sampled yet 🙂 x

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