Top Beauty Buy: The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist

I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely love the smell of coconut! It is my favourite scent & I always try to buy beauty products that are coconut. The other week a girl at work started spraying this Coconut Body Mist that she bought from The Body Shop.

It smells devine! She let me try some & I was so pleased with how long it lasted on my skin.

It comes in a cute glass bottle & costs £7.00 but it is worth every penny! I spray it all over my body after my evening shower, I use it again before getting dressed on a morning. I also top it up during the day for an extra coconutty blast!

Plus it came in this cute brown paper bag….I know it is just a bag but I have always had a fondness for brown paper bags (I am a little strange I know!)

The Cherry Blossom Body Mist also smelled lovely so I might treat myself to that one also.
Have any of you tried the body mists from The Body Shop?


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