Outfit Post

Smart or Casual? That Is The Question!

Black Scollop Top; Topshop, Blue Maxi Skirt; Topshop
Sea Glass Necklace; Cherry Blossom Bay @ Etsy
Sandals; Aspiga

Hi Readers! Okay so this morning I have been having a little dilemma, I have to go to a meeting today about my new job. The e-mail I received from them said the dress code was casual until the store actually opens. However it didn’t make it clear if today was casual dress code too. I have asked a friend who is also going & she is going casual so I am too! Hopefully we won’t be the only two! Personally I think during interviews & introductions to the company you should be able to dress however you please. I think it is great to show off your individuality, the way you dress says a lot about you. I think people’s personalities shine through when they are dressed in what they feel most comfortable in.

So here is what I have finally choosen to wear. It is lovely & sunny again so I have opted for this beautiful blue maxi skirt, paired with a black vest from Topshop.

I am also wearing one of the Sea Glass Necklaces that I made, you can find the rest of my collection which is available to buy here!

Well I hope today goes well, I know I already have the job but I am still feeling a little nervous!

I hope you are all having a brilliant day!


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