Bohemian Woodland Wedding


It’s been such a long time since I last posted but 2016 turned out to be the year from hell!
I don’t want to go into detail because all that is behind us now & 2017 is set to be ALOT better.

Chris & I are planning our wedding – woo hoo! We are getting married on 15th September & I just can’t wait.

We are tying the knot at a beautiful little place called Falling Foss. It is set in the middle of a magical forest, near a waterfall – would you expect any less from us?!

Anyway, I have been having so much fun planning our big day & making it truly unique & personal. The idea of having a traditional wedding strikes fear into my heart, the words ‘Wedding Package’ are a particular no-no for me! I have spent all of my time (and I mean all of my time) planning our day & finding unique things that will make our day very unique.

I wanted to share a few ideas with you that I have had for our Bohemian Woodland Wedding…..


….First of all, this is the venue….gorgeous isn’t it?! I love nature & the forest so I really couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. This place is so luscious and full of life, the perfect place to marry my best friend.


I’m really loving these ‘Naked Cakes’ I am not fond of iced cakes as I think it looks too traditional & polished. I love the rustic look of these types of cakes & the flowers are just so pretty.


I managed to find some wonderfully unique invitations on Etsy. They have a Bison skull & flowers….perfect!




Etsy has been my best friend lately & I have managed to find some really unique items. I absolutely adore this Dreamcatcher Cake Topper, personalized of course. To fit in with my rustic/dreamcatcher/feather theme, I managed to find these gorgeous feather button holes. They are just so beautiful!

More updates to come soon as I plan more of our Woodland Wedding!

Peace, love & light
Kate x




6 thoughts on “Bohemian Woodland Wedding

  1. Congratulations!!! It’s going to be so magical, I love the theme ❤ I'd choose it too 🙂 So so lovely! Good luck with all the planning! xx

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