The Whole Damn Towns In Love With You


Wow…. time sure is flying by…. time for a catch up.

Lately work has been totally crazy… I recently worked a 17 hour shift, had 2.5 hours sleep & then returned to work… so tiring!

Anyway, here is what else has been happening ….hair

I finally changed my hair style. Gone is the hippie hair & now I have a more styled & shapely cut. I absolutely love it.

free people 2

I am now the owner of a pair of Free People Sandals. I honestly drool over every new sandal collection that Free People produce & I have wanted a pair for so long. These are the ones I decided on, the Bellflower Sandals. They were expensive but I regret nothing!!


I found this lovely Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee in TK Maxx, it is divine. Yes, I do pretend I am in Hawaii whilst I am drinking it…. a girl can dream!


I started reading a new book. It’s called ‘ Women Who Run With The Wolves’. It is absolutely empowering. I feel like I am at such a good time in my life to be reading this wonderful book. I am so much more mature than I have ever been, things in my life are changing & I feel like I am starting a new chapter. I would recommend every woman to read this book…..


I bought the coolest posters this week, including this Palmistry one…. awesome, right?

I hope you are all well…..

Peace, love & light…. Kate x


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