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I could sing those sad old country songs


I thought it was about time we had a little catch up. So far this month I have been endlessly dreaming about Summer. Winter seems to be longer than I ever remember it & so cold. We had snow this week ….

CosyI have been trying to keep as warm as possible with blankets, cosy socks & large cups of tea.


I bought myself a cactus so I could make my room feel a little more like Summer. I also made a lovely print to fit inside my cool Feather Frame that I picked up in the sale.

moon childMy Moon Child Mug from Gypsy Warrior has been getting a lot of use… I am obsessed with Chai Tea.

free peopleI got a chance to wear my beautiful new Free People Dress on date night with Chris. We went to see the final instalment of The Hobbit.


I picked up some beautiful suede boots from New Look. They were in the sale reduced from £60 to only £25….bargain!

detailsMy Luna rings have been getting plenty of use.

We also visited Sheffield to see Slipknot & Korn which was absolutely amazing. We also ate at a cute little Italian restaurant whilst we were there!

I hope you are all having a wonderful month so far….

Peace, Love & Light…. Kate x



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