I Think We’re Like The Wind & Sea….


I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas? I thought I should take some time to write a post & catch up on the past couple of weeks   .


Firstly, I got my nose pierced! I have been wanting my nose pierced for years & this month I finally took the plunge. I can’t wait until it is healed & I can swap my stud for a little ring.


I had a lot of gift wrapping to do this year & I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous stag paper…. so cute!


I received my first ever order from my new favourite brand, Gypsy Warrior…. more on this soon.


I have spent almost every morning wishing it was Summer….

luna ring

Chris bought me a gorgeous Luna Ring for Christmas. I will post more of my gorgeous presents soon.


Boxing Day was spent at Whitby, one of our favourite places. We took a stroll down the pier by moonlight, watching & listening to the waves….perfect.


The next day was spent feeling rather poorly. I drank lots of hot Chai Tea in an attempt to make myself feel a little better.


Today I am still feeling somewhat poorly. Luckily 2 gorgeous Accessorize Bags that I bought in the sale arrived in time to cheer me up. I just adore Accessorize & I am so happy I managed to pick up these beauties in the sale.

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas & I would like to wish you all a peaceful & happy New Year….

Peace, Love & Light…. Kate x


One thought on “I Think We’re Like The Wind & Sea….

  1. I’m loving your nose ring, it looks great on you! Looks like you had a fantastic holiday. All the very best to you in the New Year!

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