This Could Have Been Worse

Shoes 001

Okay, so, today was my day off & I went shopping. Now yes, I do realise I am on a ‘clothing spending ban’ at the moment & for the foreseeable future BUT this could have been so much worse.

I walked away from many items today that I would have loved to have added to my collection. I felt like my heart was breaking at some points but alas I prevailed with all my pennies still in my purse….kinda.

Okay, so I did buy these oh-so-gorgeous & totally-my-style moccasins from Primark, but can you blame me? I mean really?

Look at them….go on, just look! I love moccasins & I don’t have any blue coloured shoes & they have gorgeous beading on. Yes, I am making a lot of excuses for my sneaky little purchase. In my defence they were only £8.00 & I had to almost be physically removed from the store before I bought the tan coloured pair!

So whilst I did cheat a tiny little bit, the whole thing could have been much worse. Good day I say!



6 thoughts on “This Could Have Been Worse

  1. They’re gorgeous, and I agree. You could have spent way more. For the price, these are a steal!

  2. haha, be only glad you are not here, beautifully beaded ‘ballerinas’ for next to nothing – you could go bankrupt trying to save money. 🙂 🙂

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