La Rosa

Aloha! I am very excited to be saying at the La Rosa Campsite in September. This cute & quirky site has beautiful ‘Gypsy’ Style caravans & trailers to stay in!

La Rosa 3

I have picked out Tinkers Trailer for us to stay in. It is decorated in a Romany Gypsy Style, as you can imagine I am in love with it already!

la Rosa

It looks totally unique & amazing, just my style. I am sure you are all aware by now how much I adore the traditional Romany Gypsy Style.

La Rosa 2

I can’t wait to explore the site & take some beautiful pictures for you all. There is also a large circus tent on site which serves as a communal ‘lounge/kitchen’ area – so quirky!

There is also an outside bath so you can bathe under the stars, so unique!

La rosa 4

As you can tell I am super excited to spend the night here in our cosy trailer. I can’t wait to snap some pictures for you all!

Please note none of the above pictures are mine. You can find them all on La Rosa’s Facebook Page!!


8 thoughts on “La Rosa

  1. Wow, seems like an amazing and unique place! Be sure to take a lot of pictures so we cam have a piece of it also! 🙂 Have fun!!!! :*

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