Honu Moku: New Designs

Aloha! Not only do I have a brand new store but I also have some pretty new designs! I opened a new store with the Big Cartel just trying to expand a little! My Etsy store is still very much open & you can view it here.

Okay, let me show you some of my newest pieces.


Rose Quartz Crystal Cuff

Creates a free spirit, bohemian feel, very pretty & delicate.


Sea Glass Wire Wrap Ring

A perfect partner to the Rose Quartz Crystal Ring. A stunning piece of Sea Glass delicately wrapped with non-tarnish wire.


Cowrie Shell Cuff

My favourite piece from the new collection. This beautiful Cowrie Shell Cuff is the perfect beach accessory.


Cowrie Shell Ring

The matching ring to the Cowrie Shell Cuff. Delicate, dreamy & altogether perfect!

I would love to know what you think of the new pieces & remember to check out my store, Honu Moku!


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