American Apparel Sunflower Leggings

SunflowerI have been admiring this lovely Sunflower Leggings by American Apparel for a little while now. They appeal to my ‘hippie’ nature & I love sunflowers with a passion. I have finally taken the plunge & bought them since I had a 15% discount code. They are very daring for me & I hope I can pull them off. I am slightly nervous about wearing them but I think if I keep the top half plain & simple these leggings should work!

So what do you all think? Honest opinions….I won’t be insulted!


6 thoughts on “American Apparel Sunflower Leggings

  1. I love quirky styles! I was a teenager in the nineties and wore all types of crazy patterned leggins these look mild in comparison. I also paired mine with things like silver metallic mary janes and a silver pleated skirt! lol I think that if you wear a long (at least past your belly button) white or nude racer back tank you won’t stand out as much and will look pretty chic. And some flat sandals, yellow or neutral color. If you want to turn a few heads you can pair them with a yellow tank or a green one! As far as pulling them off…..a little yeah-i-got-sunflower-leggings-and-I-look-fab-in-them-so-what- kinda attitude will fix that!

  2. I think they’ll look awesome! But if you wore a longer top than I would think even a shy person could pull them off – but you’ll look great no matter how you wear them.

  3. Obviously I LOVE them, they are so cute! Personally I would wear them with a clashing print top and massive platforms, but that’s just me 😉 How about pairing them with a plain white tee and a statement necklace with a bit of yellow or green in it? xx

    1. I knew you were going to love these haha! I have a cute white knit top from H&M that I think might go well with them 🙂 I just can’t wait until they arrive 🙂 xx

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