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A Taste of Africa

African Dress 027African Dress; Vintage, Belt; New Look
Necklace; Claires Accessories

Aloha! Wow, today has been super hot here in the UK & I have loved every minute of it, despite being at work this afternoon.

I chose to wear this super cool vintage dress that reminds me of Africa. I adore this dress & don’t wear it as often as I should. It was perfect for keeping me cool today whilst I was changing my Etsy Store.

In case you missed my earlier post, I have now changed the name of my store to ‘Honu Moku‘ which means ‘Turtle Island’ in Hawaiian – so cute!

Honu Moku LogoI have updated some of the pictures & added more beautiful items to the store.

Check out Honu Moku here & let me know what you think.

I would also be really grateful if you could follow Honu Moku on Twitter!

African Dress 031I received some super yummy chocolates from a friend at work today because I did her a favor. So sweet of her!!

RumRight now I am relaxing with some Caribbean Coconut Rum & Coke with a side helping of Cherries!

I hope you have all had a wonderful day!
☯ ☮ ♥


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