Summer Is On It’s Way

Aloha! The forecast for the weekend & week ahead is good, sunshine!! This is so exciting, it is about time the UK was allowed to bask in the sun!

sunshineToday was rather cloudy & I had a super busy day at work which means I am incredibly tired right now.

I have some beautiful pieces that will be added to my Etsy Store & up & coming website very shortly. These pieces are to be added to my ‘Bohemian Collection’ which is super chic & perfect for a Free-Spirit (expect lots of turquoise!)

New Collection 003I am going to be taking some pictures for the website on Sunday which is super exciting. I want it looking perfect before its launch!

I hope you have all had a lovely day!
☯ ☮ ♥


One thought on “Summer Is On It’s Way

  1. Yay for sun! I do, however, think you should be creating your own sunshine everyday regardless! Oh I can’t wait to see all the lovely things you’ll be posting.

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