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Helena Bonham Carter, famous not only for being an incredibly talented actress but also for her kooky fashion style. I have always admired her acting skills & more recently took note of her unique sense of style. Famous for being ‘the woman who wore 2 odd shoes’ to The Golden Globes ’11 with her hair resembling a bird’s nest rather than the carefully preened hair we are used to on the red carpet. Helena is certainly a unique & her dress sense is certainly unpredictable.

helena collage 2

Whilst in Gran Canaria I read Vogue magazine which featured an article with Helena herself. the pictures are stunning & I loved the quirky interview she gave. The best thing about Helena is she is British! I don’t think the British are that well-known for having a unique & ‘different’ sense of style, but to me, Helena represents the British style in a modern & realistic way.

Designers such as McQueen have shown what us Brits’ are capable of in the fashion world & Helena shows of kooky British style in a way others can only dream of. Never afraid of criticism Helena has a care free attitude that I love.

When I think  who most girls consider ‘Fashion Icon’s’ these days, the likes of Kim Kardashian, who only ever wears bodycon skirts & dresses teamed with heels which is neither daring or interesting. People like Helena & Daphne Guinness offer a more interesting view on fashion.

What do you think of Helena’s style?


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