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I Should Have Been An Island Girl

Aloha! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, they closed one of the roads off when I was on my way home & I had to drive back to my Fiance’s house & get directions! This meant, by the time I got home it was late & I was tired. I now have time to catch up on my outfits this weekend.



I wore this cute dress on Saturday. We did a little shopping & I didn’t actually buy anything, at all!

Today we had a trip to the Retail Park to make some amendments to our holiday to Tenerife. I managed to find the perfect beach bag in TK Maxx. It is more of a basket & it is so colourful & pretty. It was only £6.99 which is fab! I also picked up another maxi skirt (eek!) in my defense it was only £7.99 which is a really good price. My final purchase was some Vanilla & Coconut Foot Creme – smells so yummy. I have 2 weeks off work & so I am spending all next week finishing projects & preparing for my trip to Gran Canaria with my Parents – exciting!

Here is todays little outfit.

Sunday Dress

I wore a beautiful Art Deco inspired Kimono which I received as a present from my Fiance Mum. I adore Kimono’s & this one is so pretty & I love the Art Deco period.


I had a quick look at some Wedding brochures today, I really want to get married in Maui, Hawaii. I should have been an Island girl!
I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend!
☯ ☮ ♥


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