Que Sera Sera

I am not sure if I mentioned this on my blog a little while ago but it has been playing on my mind & I feel writing it down may help.

A little while ago I worked for a fashion company, it was a temporary position but I ended up going back on a temporary basis a few times. I always enjoyed it so much, it was full-time, good money & I worked with lovely people. Sadly, my contract ran out for the final time & I had to leave. I got a new job right away – which I hated! Then, that company closed down & I got another job immediately which was super lucky.

I was happy & settled in my job although it wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. Anyway, a few months after I started I got a call asking me to go back to my fashion company job. I don’t know why, but, I had a strange & unsure feeling about it. I contacted a girl who I worked with & she explained how things that changed so much since I was there. The team was almost completely different & she hated it & wanted out. Needless to say, this put me off going back. I stayed in my current job & decided it was the best thing. Although it was less money, at least I knew I was okay there & had a steady job.

For months it has bothered me. Did I make the right decision? Should I have just gone for it? What if I would have loved it again? Saving for a house would have been so much easier & I wouldn’t have to worry so much.

Every time I think about these things, I still have that unsure feeling in my gut. Something is just telling me I made the right decision.

Some times in life you have to make hard decisions & it is hard to know what to do, what path to take. Ultimately, you have to follow your gut feeling, your heart. Some times, something just tells you, you are making the right decision.

I hope that some day, something better will come a long for me & I will laugh about all this & wonder why I ever worried.

Some times, you have to have that little bit of hope to get you through!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not depressed, I am just not that type of person. I just feel a little fed up of doing the same old same old. I need a change, a new direction in life. I hope I can find a new path in life soon!



3 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera

  1. Good luck finding your new path, I’m sure you will. I’m a great believer in everything happening for a reason, I think every decision we make (right or wrong) eventually leads us to where we are meant to be. Keep going! xx

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