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To Keep or Not to Keep: Vintage Style Cherry Dress

Aloha! I have a little dilemma that I am hoping you can all help me out with. I bought this Reko for Topshop Cherry Dress about 3 years ago. I love it, I adore the print & the style, 0h-so-vintage!

My problem is, I never wear it & although I love it I can’t help thinking it should go to a better home.

Cuffs 012

I am just not sure I am fully ready to part with it yet.

Cuffs 014

It is just so fun & quirky & really pretty for Summer time.

Cuffs 015

Part of me think I should keep it for this Summer & style it in different ways.

I am just not sure….HELP!

Should I keep it for a while longer & try different ways of styling it or should I just admit that I need to let it go to a new home?


17 thoughts on “To Keep or Not to Keep: Vintage Style Cherry Dress

  1. If it fits, keep it. I am obsessed with cherries and I think this dress is super duper adorable. in fact if we wore the same size I would buy this dress from you if you wanted to find it a better home. I love it! you could style it soooo cutely for the summer with a cute little cardigan, a necklace (pearls maybe), and cute heels (pumps or t-strap for extra vintage).

    1. I love cherry prints too. I am so glad you like it. I think I may keep it for one more Summer & style it like you said 🙂 Thanks for the advice!

  2. I can understand your dilemma as it seems like although you like it very much it’s not your usual style and maybe you’re a little afraid to go out of your comfort zone but I think you should give it one last chance when the summer comes, it’s so cute ^__^

  3. I totally agree! Its not your usual style but it is so cute and I think you should give it a try this summer, I think you can rock it! Besides, if you try it and then decide it’s not for you, you can always sell it later! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Krisit. It is not what I would usually wear but you are right! It deserves a 2nd chance & I always have the option of selling it later if I just can’t get use to it! Thanks for your advice 🙂

  4. Uh, I think you answered your own question….of course keep it! Unless you absolutely have to get rid of it, don’t. Clearly you love it and what’s one more summer?!

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