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Craft Project: DIY Wooden Cross Necklace

Remember a few weeks ago when I bought this Wooden Cross Pendant on a gold chain?


Well it may come as no surprise but I am not fond of chains especially not gold ones. I do have a couple of chain necklaces but not many as I prefer ones on black thread. As soon as I spotted this cute necklace I knew it had potential, all it needed was a make over.


Today the sun was shining brightly & I really wanted to wear the pendant with my new sweater.  I got my jewellery making tools out & got to work.

Saturday 007

I replaced the horrid gold chain with black thread for a more natural & boho look.

Saturday 008

Here is the finished product!

I am so pleased with the way it looks & I love that I can wear it almost as a choker.
I bought a large arrowhead pendant today & I plan to do the same again.

I will have one of these pretty necklaces for sale on my Etsy site soon so watch out for that!


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