The Wedges That Almost Got Away

Last Summer whilst browsing in Next with my Mum I spotted some beautiful wedges that I wanted so much. I had just bought a lot of shoes & I was trying to save my money so I didn’t purchase them. They were £36.00. Then, I changed my mind & went back to buy them, to my dismay they had sold out & I couldn’t find them anywhere!

I searched eBay & had no luck. A month later I went on holiday to Egypt, whilst there we made friends with a nice couple. One evening the lady came to dinner wearing the wedges I so longed for. I was reminded of how amazing they were & as soon as the plane landed back on British soil my eBay search continued. I had no luck until one day I found them.

Wedges 2

I snapped them up for a bargain price & couldn’t wait to start wearing them. When they arrived I realised they were alot higher than the original ones I spotted in Next. As it turns out they made the shoes in 2 different heights. One was a high wedge like the one I bought & the other, which I found in store was a low almost Flatform style wedge.

I still loved the wedges despite my mistake & I loved wearing them. However, I still longed for the flatform version as an every day pair that I could easily run errands in without them being too high for every day use. I knew I would get so much wear out of the flatform pair as I have so many outfits they would look awesome with.

So, my eBay search continued. Every time I found a pair, they were not my size or the picture of misleading & they were the high ones again.

Until tonight! I won a pair of flatform style ones on eBay for another bargain price.


Finally, my search is over! I can’t wait to start wearing these beauties all Summer long, plus I will get plenty of wear out of the higher ones. I managed to buy both pairs for less than the full price of one pair in Next. I am a lucky lady!


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