18 thoughts on “It’s Wonderful In A Weird Way

  1. I saw this online last night and got confused with the price. I thought it was £19.99 and I quickly put it in the basket. It was only at the checkout I realised it was £199.99!! hahaha… H&M and £199.99?! Seriously?! But that jacket is SO cool. Love it! 😀

    1. At least you realised before you bought it, what a shock when the bill arrived haha! I know, I think the price is way out of line but the jacket is so pretty. If only it were £19.99! x

      1. Hahaha.. I know. Thank god H&M doesn’t have paypal. I seriously would have bought it blindly. Let’s hope it comes on sale for £19.99. *High hopes 😛

    1. I have loved H&M for years. They create such wonderful & on-trend pieces at brilliant prices. Apart from this, this is not a brilliant price haha 🙂 x

      1. haha yeah this price is a bit extreme but it’s definitely very well made! I love their man trend collection, it’s pretty much my whole wardrobe 🙂 X

      2. If I wasn’t trying so hard to save then I probably would indulge & splash out on this piece. Simply because it is so unusual & unique. Nice taste, I also love their man collection & the home collections are also excellent! x

  2. This reminds me a little of Romance was Born’s marvel collection – they are some pretty excellent but super expensive Aussie designers.

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