Shopping Haul: Maxi Skirts, Crosses & Scarves

I did a little shopping today & managed to pick up some really great bargains. I was trying on a maxi dress in Next & at £32.00 I wasn’t sure I could justify buying ANOTHER maxi dress, so, I walked away. I am getting damn good at this saving thing.

I took a trip into my local Primark. For me, Primark is very hit & miss, I either walk in & find a million things I love or I find absolutely nothing. I am reluctant to buy too much from Primark because it seems everyone is wearing the same thing & I like to stay individual. However, my love of all things maxi got the better of me & I bought a Stripe Maxi Skirt.

Flares 004

It was a total bargain at only £8.00, I still can’t get over how cheap Primark is. This is a basic but essential addition to my maxi collection & I am sure it will be very versatile.

Flares 010

I also bought some pastel colour socks, which look nice & warm & are lovely sugary colours. I also purchased a wooden cross necklace, both only £2.00 each.

Flares 011 I hate the chain on this cross, I am not fond of chains in general & this one is super long which is another hate of mine. I plan to remove the cross & replace the chain with black thread, that is how I like my necklaces, it looks more natural!

A little later in the day I took a trip to my local Tesco because they have started selling Krispy Kreme Donuts – yum yum! I went with my Dad in his beautiful new truck.

Scarves 002

Hello Dad’s new truck that I love & adore, I am very jealous!

Whilst at Tesco I found 2 cute scarves both in the sale for only £2.00 each – yippee!

Scarves 004

I love the mustard colour of this thick chunky scarf – perfect for the cold weather we are having at the moment. The other brown/pink/blue mix scarf is a wonderful mix of colours & Chris bought me the gloves that match it for Christmas!

I have had some really brilliant bargains today & I haven’t spent a lot of money at all so my saving is still going so well!


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