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Cold Days & Costa


T-Shirt; New Look, Skinny Jeans; Miss Selfridge

Aloha! This outfit is an exact copy of one I wore earlier in the week & I didn’t even wear it today! I wore it yesterday whilst I saw my Fiance because I was working today – boo!

I got a little lazy & because it was so, so cold yesterday I opted for comfort & warmth & wrapped up in a thick cardigan, leather jacket, scarf & gloves.

Costa 006

We headed to Costa to warm ourselves up & I got a yummy Vanilla Latte. We sat by the sea for a while, we stayed in the car because it was just too cold outside.

Costa 004

We seemed to be getting watched!

Costa 005

For some reason the birds were flocking to the car!


I did a little more thifting & bought a cute skirt which will be perfect for the beach. It was only £2.00 – total bargain!

I hope you have all had a nice day!
☯ ☮ ♥


6 thoughts on “Cold Days & Costa

      1. The funny thing is, though I love blue, I never thought of using a lot of blue in shoes, clothes or lamps. Then today I noticed my phone was blue (kind of an off blue), and then I was in this CHARMING place called Walden that is like an amazing created village that I’m really wishing I could live in, and the decor was all these neutrals and gorgeous earthy granites and aged table tops with these bright true blue lamps and then I saw your nail polish! It’s just a day of inspiration.

    1. Oooo what a lovely day of inspiration. I love days like that. I don’t wear a lot of blue either mostly because I seem to think it doesn’t suit me for some reason but I do love the colour blue 🙂

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