Outfit Post

We Are Stars, Fashioned In The Flesh & Bone


Cosmic Skirt; H&M, Turquoise Lace Top; Unbranded
Cuff; Vintage, Peace Necklace; Topshop

Aloha! Today I chose a bright & quirky outfit to cheer up yet another cold & wintry day. Spring still seems to be a distant dream. I must admit I have had a little hair disaster today. I bought some hair dye, light golden brown. My hair was already two slightly different colours, since I hadn’t dyed my hair in so long. It did blend well however & so I didn’t hesitate when putting on the dye. My roots have gone light & my long hair has stayed exactly the same colour. At first I was horrified BUT it doesn’t look too bad. I am going to have a real good look at it tomorrow in the natural daylight & I may end up putting a darker dye over the top but I may be able to leave it. I think this is the end of my hair dye days, I am leaving it to grow back to my natural colour!


I hope you have all had a better day than me, back to work tomorrow too – boo!

☯ ☮ ♥


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