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Perfect Poncho

I was introduced to the website Veuxdoo by one of my favourite bloggers, Emma from Beauty Bliss. Please check out her wonderful blog, she is a lovely lady & I always get great tips & reviews on beauty products on her site.

I found this gorgeous poncho on Veuxdoo that I simply love.


I love the style & colour of this piece, it is so cute. Plus it is only £6.00!!
I must resist….I must resist!


3 thoughts on “Perfect Poncho

  1. Don’t resist! Be naughty and buy it haha, it would look lovely on you. Plus, it would make me feel less guilty for spending on there ha!. Thank you for the mention too, made me smile! xx

    1. It is so, so tempting but I am off to a vintage fair tomorrow & so I have a feeling I will spend a fortune there haha! Your welcome chick 🙂 xx

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