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The Non Romantic


Floral Maxi Dress; ASOS

Aloha! Please tell me I am not the only one who is anti – valentines? To me the whole thing is stupid, why must we have one special day to show our partner we love them? Shouldn’t you show them that everyday? That is how I see it. For that reason I am anti-valentine! I just don’t see the point in wasting money on an over priced card & silly little gift that will end up in a drawer & never see the light of day again. I have never been a romantic girl, in fact I don’t like romance at all. I hate romantic movies with a passion & would much rather watch a horror movie.

Thankfully, my Fiance is not a romantic either & he fully agrees with my hate for Valentines Day! I like a man to be a man, not all this lovey dovey stuff! Okay, I am done now, onto the fashion shall we?


I didn’t get a picture of my outfit today because sadly I was in my uniform. Instead I have a picture of this wonderful Floral Maxi Dress that I bought a few weeks ago now. It was in the ASOS sale for only £12.00, can you believe it?

It fits me perfectly & now I just long for sunny weather so I can wear it.

Camera pics 2 001

Oh & I don’t have some lovey dovey picture of roses I received today, I don’t even like roses. Instead here is a picture of some daffodils I have in my room at the moment. They fill me with thoughts of Spring & were only £1.00 from Tesco. No over priced roses here, folks!

I hope you have all had a nice day!
☯ ☮ ♥


11 thoughts on “The Non Romantic

  1. I agree and I tell my sweehart that I love her at least once a day and usuley more, and after 47 years she still loves to hear it.

  2. it was just this year that i began “celebrating” Valentines’ day by giving something to my best friends. yet i agree on your point about the anti-valentines thingy 🙂

    nice dress! ^_^ and the daffodils are cute, Miss Kate!

    miss you already. 😀

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