Outfit Post

Trapped In A Box

Swallow Skirt

Peplum Top; New Look, Swallow Skirt; H&M, Leather Jacket; Miss Selfridge
Snood; New Look, Bag; Unbranded, Tuquoise Ring; Urban Outfitters

Aloha! Guess who has been stuck in the stock room all day at work again? Yep, me! I am in there all next week too which is awful since it gets no natural light & is completely silent in there. My ear is still really painful & so I am not in a good mood today again which sucks.

Swallow Skirt 2

I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of my outfit this morning since I was in a rush but this is almost identical to what I wore today. The only difference was I wore my black peplum top & not the coral one as pictured. I find it so much easier to work around in a skirt that jeans, even though I am up & down ladders all day!

I will be so happy when these next two weeks are over!

I hope you have all had a much better day than me!
ā˜Æ ā˜® ā™„


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