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For The Love of Flares

I feel like I need some flares in my life! Am I crazy? Okay, I know it isn’t the 70’s anymore & to be quite honest I am not a big fan of the 70’s however, I have always liked some of the style from that era. I kinda think I am the type of girl who could get away with wearing flares, without looking like I just arrived from the past in some time machine!


Obviously Free People would be my first stop for my search for flares. How amazing is this outfit? I have jus the right top & wedges to match these flares.

Flares 2

I do actually own a pair of flares but they are denim & not cord & I still haven’t gotten around to taking them up yet (damn my 5’2 height!)

Flares 3

These Pull on Flares from Free People are a simple & safe way to try out the style without being too daring.

Flares 4

I also love these One Solid Gauze Hippie Pant which are also from Free People. The colour is so fun & fresh!

What are your thoughts on flares & how would you wear them?


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