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IntoTheStratosphere Has A Twitter!

Breaking news people, I finally have a Twitter account. I have been meaning to create one for a while so I thought I would seize the day & go ahead & do it!

Follow me here:


My name is @LadyKateBlog

I am not very good at it so far as you may have guessed.

I would be so greatful if you guys could help me out, how on earth do I add a follow me on Twitter button to my blog? I just can’t figure it out! Help please!

PS. Please follow me & comment with your Twitter accounts so I can follow you back!



9 thoughts on “IntoTheStratosphere Has A Twitter!

  1. good morning and welcome to twitter world πŸ˜€ amoung your WP widgets there…now i saw your twitter timeline and the follow button so apparently youve managed that point already πŸ˜‰

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