Outfit Post

Seeing Spots


Polka Dot Blouse; Primark, Skinny Jeans; Topshop

Aloha! Guess who is super tired again? Yep, me! I have been working mega hard again today & I am working all day again tomorrow. This outfit post is a blast from the past since I was only in old clothing today tidying the stock room at work.

I haven’t worn this polka dot shirt for so long & I really must try to re-work it into my wardrobe. It was so cheap in Primark last year, my Mum bought one too. Sometimes you can find such little gems in Primark!

The snow is still thick here & it is so icy, I had to get the bus to work today & leave my car at home which caused me much distress!

Hand Cream 001

I have no idea how I would cope this week without my L’Occitane hand creams! My hands are so dry , part due to the weather & part to all the work I have been doing lately. I smothered my hands in the Hibiscus hand cream last night & my hands felt so much better this morning!

I hope you have all had a marvellous day!
☯ ☮ ♥


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